PPACG Projects

Pikes Peak Area Council of Government (PPACG), serves El Paso and Teller Counties as well as the communities within those counties. Served as the GIS Analyst for planning projects.  Also created regional growth scenarios for Placeways in support of PPACG.   


PPACG Google Earth Browser

Created Internet website for visualizing proposed transportation projects.  The Google Earth Plug-in also displays demographic, environmental, infrastructure and transportation planning information.  Cutting edge implementation offers automated tours to simplify navigation and help videos.








Assigned standardized land use using a variety of attributes from the parcel feature class.  These included three land use fields, unit counts, building size and lot acreage.   Allocated growth by TAZ based on Demographer and Tellum control totals.  Gravity factor for land use allocation used travel time from routed street network.  Most distant areas are up to 90 minutes from downtown Colorado Springs and these areas received lowest weight for future development. 


Existing (2010) development patterns.



Trend scenario for 2035 based on Small Area Forecasts (SAF).

Trend Scenario


Infill Scenario based on Fixed Guide Transit.  Used the Street Car study for Colorado Springs to digitize Nevada, Manitou, Constitution, Uintah and Platte lines.  Added Academy per City Planning request.  Assigned development based on proximity to lines and removed half of new development from rural areas.  



Conservation Scenario avoids wildlife/habitat areas (blue).  Buildout could not provide adequate capacity so non-conservation, rural areas were converted to 5 acre lots.  


Preferred Scenario


Environmental Justice


Traffic Analysis Zones


Transportation Projects 


Green Infrastructure