Ute Valley  Master Plan

Supported planning team by creating maps and plans.



Portland, Australia

Guided CommunityViz Analysis including Buildout, Suitability, Allocator and 360Indicators. All training performed using WebEx.


Private Client

Evaluated 30 western US cities to select best for high tech growth. Prepared datasets defining development potential of subareas in top 4 cities.  Prepared detailed analysis of specific sites for acquisition. 



Oil and Gas Well Leases

Mapped new well in proximity to existing leases.



Red Rock Canyon Master Plan

Created maps and analysis.




Transit Oriented Visualization Project


Westminster Visualization by Donley & Associates Inc. Named Outstanding Technology

The Colorado Chapter of the American Planning Association awarded the Westminster (CO) Transit Oriented Development (TOD) the Outstanding Technology Award at their annual conference in Fort Collins.  


Visualization of Transit Oriented Development

Created a 3D model of proposed redevelopment located around a future transit stop.  The city's redevelopment agency wants to visualize potential development including high density, mixed-use buildings with the light rail trains and buses.  Photos of actual buildings applied to building models provide realism to the model.  Stakeholders, developers, decision-makers and planners can move throughout the landscape on a laptop to identify relationships, opportunities and issues.


   TOD mixed use 3D visualization   TOD mixed use 3D visualization for Pikes Peak        



Impact Analysis

Block level building analysis evaluates proposed land use, tax revenue and parking.  The plan contains 400,000 sf retail, 200,000 sf office and 70,000 sf industrial flex in 80 mixed use buildings.  Calculations estimate 913 dwelling units, half in mixed use buildings.  The development should  generate $2.3 million in taxes based on over $300,000,000 in construction costs.


   TOD site plan Westminster  Mixed use development residential density.




TOD Tax Revenue   Parking analysis for Mixed Use TOD.  


Project Visualization

A proposed project at the northwest corner of 72nd and Federal provided an opportunity to explore before and after images. 




Durango Comprehensive Plan


Donley & Associates creates CommunityViz Analysis for the City of Durango


Video showing how to use Google Earth to view the Comprehensive Plan alternatives on .




A series of slides illustrate the patterns of growth in La Plata County in Durango.  The sliderbar at the top identifies the year, the red dots show year built of houses, the charts summarize the totals.  Note the pie chart illustrates the growth of the areas outside Durango.  

1960                                                        1970                                                         1980


1990                                                        2000                                                        2005


The fire response analysis compared fire station locations with the 3 alternative scenarios.  The "2030" fire station plan included a station near WalMart.  Note the number of dwelling units in each scenario with response times in excess of 4 minutes, the preferred response time. 


By replacing the proposed WalMart site with stations in La Posta (south) and Ewing Mesa (east) the response times improve significantly.  The analysis used CommunityViz with Network Analyst (ESRI extension). 


Assessment of impacts from future land use plans on infrastructure studies (water, wastewater, and traffic). 



Illustration of the tiling exercise used for January 2006 workshops. 



City of Westminster, CO

Visualization of Grange Redevelopment Projects in Google Earth

Modeled photo real buildings in SketchUp and then exported them to Google Earth.  View the project in Cities in Development





Palmer Land Trust

The Palmer Land trust serves southeast Colorado, conserving over 100 easements with 70,000 acres of land.  The Trustees seek to prioritize future acquisitions, focusing on scenic landscapes, prime habitat and urban recreation.   The volunteer board needs visual tools for identifying land trust values and assessing specific lands.  Google Earth with CommunityViz provides a venue for visualizing the location and character of the land.   


Regional maps using GIS layers illustrate various issues.  By scoring the layers, the land trust can prioritize lands.  Overlaying these prioritized areas with specific conservation requests can guide acquisition evaluations.   Land stewards can preview lands at home prior to their visits.   Google Earth provides itemized lists of every easement; selection takes the viewer to the virtual location.  Assessment of conservations values prior to site visit.  Identify strategic initiatives priority, determine proximity to other easements, overlay conservation values and identify scenic impact.   Preview easement location for new stewards.  Illustrate easement character and conservation values.  Depict building envelopes and improvements.  Locating property lines can identify potential encroachment.  Overlay more recent or higher resolution aerials to identify potential easement violations. 



Donley & Associates creates YouTube Videos for White Acres


Video uses Google Earth to illustrate the White Acres open space on the west side of Colorado Springs.




Colorado Springs, CO

T-Gap Storage LLC. v. Hanson re: 7085 Templeton Gap Road

Prepared and presented exhibits for District Court involving removal of fill materials.  The Google Earth presentation illustrated the site location and aerial over the past 5 years.  The analysis compared geotechnical illustrations with the proposed site plan by varying the sheet transparency. 




Mount Crested Butte, Colorado

Google Earth Model of Ski Village  

Created SketchUp models of 36 existing and proposed buildings.  Placed models on Google Earth.  Many models selected as "Best of 3D Warehouse" and thus appear a 3D buildings in Layers.  Planning staff uses the models to evaluate project proposals.  Recognized as a Cities in Development  by Google Earth.  Visit the Mount Crested Butte Collection at  Or go to 81225 in Google Earth and turn on 3D Buildings in Layers. 




Tacoma, Washington

Site Selection for Economic Development  

Teamed with the GIS staff in Tacoma' Economic Development Office to create a model identifying potential locations for new businesses.  The system uses weighted site selection criteria and proposed land use to highlight specific parcels.  Factors included traffic, population, income, land value and crime.  The parcels are represented by points to improve performance.  Colors range from green (not appropriate) to yellow to red (best).  The assumption drop down box shows the desired land use as tax advantaged multi-family and this corresponds to the blue shaded area.  Note that parcels outside this blue area are green while those inside are yellow to red.     



Oscar Green Ranch, Colorado

Mapping effort to illustrate conservation easement, ownership and grazing allotments.    

Orthoimagery overlayed with BLM GCDB data to identify parcels. 




John Day Fossil Beds, Oregon

Visualization for National Park Service  

Generated 3D models to illustrate areas of interest for meetings in support of General Management Plan.  Stakeholders could visualize the context and extent of the widely dispersed park units.  Shown below are the Painted Hills, Clarno and Sheep Rock units.    In the images below, yellow fences depict park boundaries and transparent red areas show BLM ownership. 


  Clarno 3D Visualization for National Park Service. 



Tyonek Native Corporation, Alaska

Training in Google`Earth Applications

Training and data preparation for visualizations.  Combination of webinars and on-site sessions replaced traditional GIS with low cost, but effective spatial analysis.




NFRMPO, Colorado

Employment and Dwelling Unit Projections for North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization

Regional model that allocates development to traffic area zones (TAZ).  The location of undeveloped parcels are measured from various growth attraction factors (roads, highways, urban areas, hot spots, employment centers and existing development).  These proximity results scored based on a 1-10 scale.  Parcels are selected based on highest score until the employment or dwelling unit counts match the targets for the region.  The results are tallied for each TAZ.  These become the inputs for traffic models. 





Alder Creek, South Fork, CO

Proposed Townhouse Project

Visualization of development under construction along the Rio Grande River. 



Allegheny County (Greater Pittsburgh), PA with McCormick Taylor

Trained McCormick Taylor staff in the use of CommunityViz for regional planning project.  Project involved 6 scenarios of growth with projected growth of over 100,000 new residents and 140,000 new jobs.  Topics of analysis include, environmental, fiscal, social, transportation, land use, infrastructure, parks and open space.  All training performed remotely over the Internet.  Within 40 hours of consulting completed the analysis and launched planner into independent use of CommunityViz.  Preferred scenario analysis completed in less than 2 hours of work. 





Oroville, California

Gravel Pit Visualization

Prepared a 3D-visualization of a proposed gravel extraction facility in northern California.  The real-time visualization to assisted decision-makers in the design and approval of the proposed facility.  The SiteBuilder3D model depicts the existing conditions, the proposed facility and finished grading.   The design placed the pit within a mesa, screening views from the valley floor.  The access/haul road was the only proposed feature visible from the valley floor.  After reviewing the model the client relocated this road.  The reviewing agency approved the plan based in part on the visualizations.  Modeled the plan without visiting the site, based on client provided topography, grading plans, building outlines, photos and aerial photography.  The client received movies and still shots for use in presentations and project designs. 




Florida Mesa, La Plata County, Colorado

Sub-area Impact Analysis

Florida Mesa is southeast of Durango Colorado.  Significant residential, commercial and oil/gas development pressure combined with citizen interest in revising the development regulations caused the county to request an impact analysis model.  The explores several basic questions about the future of the Florida Mesa Planning District.

  1. How much new development can theoretically occur within the district?
  2. Are there areas, such as hazards, where new development should not occur?
  3. Are there areas that might constrain development short of outright prohibitions, such as areas where hazards can be mitigated? 
  4. What are the socio-economic, fiscal, environmental and traffic impacts of new development?

The study explored 5 growth scenarios.  Charts and tables compared the relative impacts. 





Hayden, Colorado

Fiscal, Traffic, Wastewater, Stormwater and Water for Community Plan

Prepared a model that measures the impact of proposed development on the Town of Hayden in northwest Colorado.   Proposed development would triple the size of the community, affecting the budget and existing infrastructure.   Funding from the Gates Family Foundation and 4S Development, the model evaluates the town budget, traffic, potable water, sewer, and storm water, providing real time assessments of the impacts from specific development proposals.  Documentation guides local managers through the process of adding new proposals to the model or changing community assumptions. 


Hayden 3D Visualization Using CommunityViz GIS.   Hayden compact land use plan using CommunityViz 


Upper Yampa District, Colorado

Expert Witness Build-out Report  

Evaluated potential development capacity of the South Routt County drainage for the Yampa River.  The City of Steamboat Springs application to the Water Court for Recreational In-Channel Diversions RICD was settled.  





Cotton Bridges and Associates Inc., California 

Visualization of Claremont Master Plan

Assisted CBA (Pasadena, CA) in preparing SiteBuilder model for the Claremont Master Plan process.  Support included conducting on-line training, troubleshooting real time performance and offering 3D "flight files" for placement in the model.     


  Cotton Bridges Existing 3D Visualization.  Claremont Master Plan Proposed 3D visualization.        


Roberts Design Review

Visualization of Proposed House

Created a 3D model depicting the visual impacts of a proposed house on an existing house.  The building model used architectural elevations, footprint and roof design.  Surrounding mountainous terrain  was combined with higher resolution imagery for surrounding area.  Project cost did not exceed $2500.




Mericio Wildfire, CO

Visualization of Burned Area

Identification of extent of wildfire superimposed on private ownership. 


Apostle Islands, Wisconsin

Visualization of National Park Service General Management Plan

Prepared visualization of islands and shoreline.