Custom Training


Training adapted to the needs of the project and participants.  Typically includes time devoted to creating applications using local data and issues.  Examples include:


Standard Training


This 3-day class will give you an introduction to CommunityViz Scenario 360 and SiteBuilder 3D. These
tools work as extensions to ArcMap, so the course begins with a short refresher on ArcGIS and ArcMap.



The full course has five modules:


Chuck Donley conducts webinars with


TECH-120: Introduction to SketchUp for Planners

This one-hour hands-on webinar will introduce planners to Google SketchUp. Topics will include importing your place, downloading models, arrangingbuildings, walking through the project and exporting the results to Google Earth. This webinar will help you explore using SketchUp for urban design level planning.


This one-hour hands-on webinar will introduce you to Google Earth. The session will explore basic tasks for using Google Earth in planning. Topics will include finding places, moving around them, saving a location, viewing a site photo and capturing images for presentation. The subject matter is a compelling exploration of Washington DC with a discussion of the tool’s applicability to planning.


TECH-230: The Virtual Staff Report--Using the Free Version of Google Earth

This one-hour hands-on webinar will guide you through the process of preparing a Google Earth presentation for a Planning Commission meeting. Topics will include locating site photographs, georeferencing a site plan, creating a project tour and preparing for your presentation.



TECH-330: The Virtual Staff Report--Advanced Google Earth for Planners

This one-hour hands-on webinar will guide you through the process of using Google Earth Pro for planning analysis. Topics will include applying a GIS shape file to the terrain, coloring the legend for that layer, locating address points automatically, creating buildings, and thinking like a movie director.



TECH-250: CommunityViz Build Out

This one-hour hands-on webinar will explore using GIS to calculate build-out of a zoning or land use plan. It will use Build-out, the CommunityViz wizard-based tool in a hands-on workshop using your computer. Topics will include setting densities, adjusting for existing structures, eliminating constrained lands, siting proposed structures, and exporting the results to Google Earth.


TECH-260: CommunityViz Suitability

This one-hour hands-on webinar will introduce you to the Suitability tool included in CommunityViz. The wizard-based tool identifies the best locations for various activities. Whether you wish to avoid hazards, calculate walkability, phase infrastructure or protect natural resources, Suitability offers a simpler way to integrate GIS into your analysis.


GIS Adjunct Instructor

·         Spatial Modeling: Introduces the student to a variety of techniques for modeling and analyzing spatial data in a GIS. Includes geoprocessing, interpolation, raster grids, visualization, geostatistics, network analysis, scripts and geocoding.  Custom class created with 14 projects using local, available data. 

·         Community Assessment: Investigation of decision-support tools for planning activities.  Explores development patterns, suitability analysis, forecasting, impact calculations, custom modeling and visualization. 

·         3D Analyst: Surveys techniques for modeling GIS in a 3D environment.  Explores both visualization and analysis techniques.  Uses ESRI (3D Analyst, ArcScene, ArcGlobe) and Google (Google Earth, KML and SketchUp) products.  Guided students in creating 3D models depicting local landscapes.  

·         Spatial Hydrology: Exploration of ArcHydro, a surface water analysis extension for ArcGIS.  Also surveys a range of water resource topics using GIS.   

·         Introduction to GIS using Maribeth Price’s Mastering ArcGIS